tanya shin

About me


Hello everyone, I'm Tanya. I was born in Omsk. In 1999 I've moved to Israel. At the moment I live in Tel Aviv.

I have a B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) degree in design and teaching. From 2009-2017 I worked as a fashion designer mainly on the Russian and Israeli markets.

In 2016, I opened my business: smart digital marketing.

In 2017, I completed my coaching course in Humanication. And since then I work with individuals and organizations.

My clients are all over the world: in Russia, Israel, Italy, England, Canada, Australia and even in Taiwan.

After several years of work in personal development, I began to look at work and life differently. I know how to improve results in any area of ​​life and help people achieve better results.

I lead a group on Facebook Tanya Shin Blog, dedicated to self-development, I share my results and actions, I write about productivity, about the lifestyle that I've developed for myself, about business, travel and life in general.